Ai Zhe Luo Charity Drum Project

As the gap between the rich and the poor in our today’s society is getting wider and wider, we face very serious challenges which needs to be tackled both by our authorities and our society as a whole. This challenge is the cry for the help from those people who work hard to earn some money to fill their stomachs and basic needs to survive!! Natural disasters and disease also cause lots of people to loose their lives and belongings!

Since our social system still needs time to be developed to deal with these challenges in a proper way, we need the help of all the organizations and individual people to bring comfort to the lives of millions of people in need of our help.  The purpose of the Ai Zhe Luo Charity Drum project is to raise the awareness that we are all created to have equal rights for a happy life and we should strive to make others happy, too!!  “Hand in hand we can build a better world for all”, we need to get rid of our selfishness and do a little sacrifice to reach our goal for a just, a “harmonious society”.

Ai Zhe Luo would like to share this message with you with pure motives through his music and playing the Drum and selling his own brand drums. Selling drums is only a symbol of how each one of us can do our best and our share to contribute to the charity work.

You can enjoy learning drum and let your children develop their musical talents by learning drumming and the rhythm. This is the basic issue they need to learn no matter what instrument they are learning or want to learn. When you buy a drum, you will receive some lessons free of charge, helping you to learn drumming step by step.

Ai Zhe Luo has lived in Suzhou for 12 years. He is the Visiting Professor of Suzhou University and the President of the Happy Home Club which is a non profit organization to help young people develop their skill of English language, learn issues that are of great importance for their personal life and their career development and above all help them to understand the purpose of life in pursue of True Happiness! Happy Home Club has been contributing to the charity work already for close to 8 years.

All the net income of the project will be given to the charity in cooperation with the  charity organizations to make sure that your money will certainly be safely used by authorized organizations to reach the ones who need it.

You can buy “Ai Zhe Luo Drums” as valuable gifts to your relatives and friends and feel happy that your money is used for the right purpose. All the drums are signed by Ai Zhe Luo himself.

“Ai Zhe Luo Kuaile gu

rang Ni de xin Kuai le,

Ni de jia kuai le.”

My sincere thanks to you for your kind support and contribution to the charity work in Suzhou! Special thanks to Suzhou Conference Center for their great help and support in this project.

– Ai Zhe Luo

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